James Madison University is launching its second ever comprehensive campaign, and we’re working toward raising $200 million. That’s a big goal!

How can you provide online social media support for the campaign and help achieve the university’s goal of being the national model of the engaged university?  You can help us spread JMU’s message by using the assets below on your social media pages and in your social media groups.  Need help or support? Contact socialmedia@jmu.edu.

Campaign Marketing Theme: Unleashed

Unleashed is the comprehensive campaign for James Madison University to ascend to a more prominent level of impact and national recognition. Check it out here.

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Video assets:

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Unleashed (video download / thumbnail)

  • For alumni: It has been awesome to see how far my alma mater has come, the world is ready for more Dukes to be unleashed! #DukesUnleashed
  • For current students: I am excited to be here with JMU as we move on to the national stage. The world is not ready for my passion to be unleashed…yet! #DukesUnleashed
  • For faculty and staff: I am proud to teach and work with engaged students and help them realize their vision so they can unleash their talents and skills! #DukesUnleashed
  • For parents: My Duke loves the unique experience here and has been positively inspired to effect change. #DukesUnleashed
  • For JMU supporter: A beautiful university tucked in the Shenandoah Valley is making its mark! Watch out for #DukesUnleashed.

It's Time (video download / thumbnail)

  • For alumni: Calling all my fellow Dukes! It’s time for us to come together and raise up the place we love.
  • For current students: When I graduate I, too will spread the JMU spirit of possibility.
  • For faculty and staff: It’s time to make sure JMU will always be a place that inspires intellectual hunger and fuels passion for action.
  • For parents: My Duke can participate in this incredible Madison Experience because of those who paved the way before them. It’s time, parents, to make sure future Dukes are as lucky as ours.
  • For JMU supporter: The story of JMU is indeed an epic one. No one can argue that its rise over the last 50 years has been incredible. It is, without a doubt, JMU’s time!

Campaign Launch (video download / thumbnail)

  • For alumni: Once a student, forever a Duke! Came back to visit and was surprised by the announcement of our new comprehensive campaign! “Let’s unleash the dreams of our alumni!”- President Alger
  • For current students: Thrilled to see all the new and exciting developments on campus with this new comprehensive campaign. “Let’s unleash the promise and ambition of our students!”- President Alger
  • For faculty and staff: The campaign priorities will further student research, support them with more scholarships and install in them the passion for engagement. “Let’s unleash the excellence and dedication of our faculty!”- President Alger
  • For parents: Incredibly thankful that this comprehensive campaign will equip my Duke with the tools and skills to lead a meaningful and purposeful life.
  • For JMU supporter: Congratulations to JMU for the announcement of its comprehensive campaign: Unleashed! Excited to see this university’s continual rise to national prominence.

Photo assets
  • Share what does Dukes Unleashed look like to you with #DukesUnleashed
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  • View JMU’s Use of Images policy 1509, here.

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Hashtag use
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#DukesUnleashed - Use this to amplify your relationship to the brand identity, Being The Change.

  • Prompt: How has JMU unleashed a passion or purpose within you?
    • My involvement with student organizations helped me discover my natural knack for fundraising, which is why I work in non-profit now! #DukesUnleashed
    • Everywhere I go, people have nothing but great things to say about JMU students! #DukesUnleashed
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Connect with Campus Initiatives

Tell your Madison Story and honor a relationship that changed your life. 

Download this image and share to your social media channels. Copy and paste the captions below: 

"Remember the relationships you found on campus? People that unleashed your talent, inspired some change or simply made you smile? It's time to thank them! Share your story: http://bit.ly/Your-JMU-Story.📬Check your mailbox for your opportunity to enrich the Madison Spirit."

Download this image and share to your social media channels. Copy and paste the captions below:

"Think of that person who pushed you to dream bigger, run faster or laugh louder. It's time to thank them! Share your story: http://bit.ly/Your-JMU-Story 📬Check your mailbox for your opportunity to enrich the Madison Spirit."

Download this image and share to your social media channels. Copy and paste the captions below:

"I knew right then I had to be better, as a man and a human, because this woman (Joanne Gabbin) believed in me. And I was not going to let her down." Sean Tobin ('92).
Share your story: http://bit.ly/Your-JMU-Story 

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