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Group Visits

The Arboretum welcomes group visits to our grounds at all times of the year. To request a free docent-guided group tour or a self-guided group visit, please read through the Group Visit Guidelines and submit the  Group Visit Request Form below. The maximum number of adults per guided tour is 25.

  • General Guided Tour: Led by Arboretum staff, this tour covers Arboretum history, flowers in bloom, and notable trees.
  • Woodland Wildflowers Guided Tour: Come see our beautiful spring wildflower bloom in the Norlyn Bodkin Oak Hickory forest for yourself on a tour led by an Arboretum staff member. Some notable specimens include bloodroot, squirrel corn, glory of the snow, and Virginia bluebells. Offered March-May.
  • Notable Arboretum Trees Guided Tour: Take a stroll through the grounds with an Arboretum staff member to identify some of our most notable trees, including American sycamore, bald cypress, gingko, serviceberry, and Carolina silverbell.
  • Stream Riparian Plantings Guided Tour: Riparian vegetation helps to maintain and improve water quality by functioning as a buffer, filtering out sediments and debris. It provides habitats for organisms that contribute to the water's health, and it slows down stream flow, especially after a rain event. Arboretum staff will talk about the riparian plantings along the stream or pond stream outlet and discuss how these plants play a significant role in filtering pollution and protecting the stream from the impact of erosion. 
  • Self-Guided Tour: Free admission to Arboretum grounds with various field guides available for purchase at the Frances Plecker Education Center.
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