Year after year, donors like you show our students they can count on Dukes always helping Dukes and the collective power of the Madison Experience.
The 2019-2020 academic year posed unique challenges for the Madison community and the world. Gifts like yours help ensure that generations of students learn here, thrive and graduate with a commitment to Being the Change.
Between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, we awarded about $7 million in scholarships, fellowships and grants to university students, faculty and staff. This was only possible because you stepped forward to support the JMU people and programs you love -- during one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory. Thank you.
In response to these challenges, we focused on 5 key funds to address the demands of rapid transformation. This is how the Madison Community came together and unleashed care in a time of great need.

Madison for Keeps

Madison for Keeps emergency scholarships help Dukes stay Dukes when they have run out of other options. Your contribution to Madison for Keeps and other emergency scholarship funds totaled nearly one million dollars, ensuring about 200 students can receive financial assistance and return to JMU in fall 2020.

Clair Blacketer was one of those students in 2009 and now she works at the forefront of COVID-19 research.

Counseling Center

Financial gifts to the JMU Counseling Center provide our students with increased access to free virtual and in-person mental health care from expert, experienced professionals. The most critical improvement we are able to make with financial support is employing additional part-time clinicians.

Every $100 gift helps provide 3 to 5 individual counseling hours for a student.

JMU Pop-up Pantry

This program, run by Off-Campus Life (OCL), provides food and hygiene items, as well as interdisciplinary educational programming to all JMU students, no questions asked. This spring, even when the university was closed, the pantry remained open, offering online ordering and curbside pick-up to help keep Dukes healthy and make sure no Duke had to go hungry.

Madison Vision Fund

The Madison Vision Fund provides immediate, flexible funding for the most immediate needs around campus. These dollars have been used to support new program development; help retain exceptional talent; provide new research and learning opportunities; and support for student programs that provide tutoring, career planning help, alternatives to drinking, community service-learning experiences and more.

Innovative Teaching and Learning

Continued funding will be used to enhance student access and support in virtual classrooms, increase online teaching capacity and develop and implement new digital innovations. Faculty members will receive much-needed support as they will be called upon to pivot from in-person instruction to online environments more quickly than at any other time before.

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