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Honors Seminar

HON 300 - Diversity, Access, and Inclusion in a Global Context

Class #: 50658  |  Term: 4 Week 1 (5/17-6/11) | MoTuWeTh 1:00-3:40 PM  |  Online  |  Instructor: Felix Wang

This seminar uses a combination of experiential exercises, group discussion, self-examination, and guest speaker interactions to examine and analyze issues of diversity, access, and inclusion in a global context. As part of the course, students will participate in a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) experience with students from UNIBE in the Dominican Republic. JMU and UNIBE students will work in teams to research and develop a project in relation to course themes. The course also offers an opportunity for students to examine how their professional values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors impact their development of global identity.

Dr. Felix Wang is Senior Associate Executive Director of the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). He provides leadership in coordination, collaboration and outreach in global partnerships for JMU. His research is on global identify formation and its impact on student learning during international experiences. Dr. Wang has over 20 years of experience in the field of global education. His regular spring semester Honors seminar incorporates a spring break service-learning trip to the Dominican Republic.

Areas of emphasis: Global Studies; Service and Civic Engagement; Leadership

Honors-Approved Diversity Courses

The Honors College believes that learning about diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures is a critical component of a well-rounded Honors education. Therefore, we are partnering with Africana, African American, and Diaspora Studies (AAAD) and Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies (LAXC) to encourage students to take the following courses, which will count as Honors elective credits.

You do not need to do an Honors option in these courses. Simply enroll and take the course.

AAAD Summer Courses

LAXC Summer Courses

  • SPAN 308: Latin American Civilization
    Tomas Regalado-Lopez | Term: 4 Week 1 (5/17-6/11)  |  MTW 12:00-2:00  |  Online
  • SPAN 415: Latin American Novel
    Tomas Regalado-Lopez  | Term: 4 Week 1 (5/17-6/11)  |  MTW 3:00-5:00  |  Online

HTH 456 - Grant Writing in Health Sciences (open to ANY major)

Class #: 50366  |  Term: 4 Week 1 (5/17-6/11) | TBA  |  Online  |  Instructor: Dayna Henry

Increasingly social service and health providers are required to have grant writing skills and/or be responsible for obtaining external funds to support their positions, fuel projects, or promote programs. There is so much money out there to help fund programs you might want to offer. How can you find the money? How can you get the money? This course will help you learn how to find and obtain this money and all about the language surrounding the world of grants. This project-based course will provide the overview of grantsmanship skills including locating funding sources, improving collaboration skills, understanding program development and grant proposal preparation. You will leave the course with 2 highly marketable products to bring to job interviews!

Honors option available.

Honors Options

You are allowed to pursue an Honors option in a summer course at JMU with permission of the course instructor. These credits count as Honors electives.

To Honors option a summer course, follow the normal protocol for options with the following modifications:

  • Deadline for contract and proposal: Submit both documents by the end of the first week of the summer term in which the course is taken.
  • Signatures: Please ask your instructor to send a simple confirmation email to This will serve in place of the signature. Student signature is not required.

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