The forms that are in .pdf format require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get a copy of the software, click HERE.

***To save a .pdf fillable form (that has information in the data fields), you can "save as" and rename your form as appropriate to your desktop or other file on your computer. For MAC users, you should "print"/"PDF"/"Save as pdf"/"save".  If you do not have Adobe software on your computer, you may not be able to actually save the document with information in the form fields. You must print the form with the information typed in. If you want an electronic copy of the form, you will have to print it and then scan it into your files. You may also print the form and type in the information. 

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate Coursework

Thesis and Dissertations


  • Comprehensive Assessment Results Form (pdf fillable form***)
  • Graduation Application
    • Students applying to graduate in May or August 2020 will use the paper application process: Application for a Graduate Degree (Graduation Application, pdf fillable form***)
    • Students applying to graduate in December 2020 or beyond will use the MyMadison graduation application, which launches May 1, 2020.  Those students can login to MyMadison and select the “Graduation” link in the “other academic” dropdown menu to begin the application process.  The MyMadison application process is explained in this tutorial

Graduate Student Research Assistant Program

Misc forms - Grad Students

Misc forms - Faculty/Staff use

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