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The program extends the professional competence of secondary mathematics teachers through an in-depth study of mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning.

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Description of Program

The program, which is a collaborative effort of the College of Education and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is designed to provide opportunities for mathematics teachers to deepen their understanding of mathematics by learning advanced mathematical topics in relation to the mathematics they actually teach. The program will help prepare teachers to teach advanced secondary mathematics courses, such as Advanced Placement Calculus or Statistics.

The mathematics education courses provide opportunities for teachers to learn math-specific technologies for learning, how to implement appropriate mathematics curriculum and how to continue to develop as professional educators. In addition, the program is designed to develop teachers' understanding of and ability to apply education research within their own practice.

As a culminating project, teachers will conduct research in their own classrooms, where they analyze how aspects of their own practice impacted their own as well as their students' learning. The program content is consistent with the recommendations of the Mathematical Education of Teachers' report of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences.

Degree Offered

Master of Education in Mathematics (M.Ed.)

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