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Earn your PsyD at JMU

JMU’s oldest doctoral program, the combined-integrated doctoral program produces leading professional psychologists who are broadly trained in the science and practice of psychology.

4,000 hours of supervised residency
93% receive APA/CPA-accredited internships
100% receive full tuition waiver and assistantships

Description of Program

The mission of the combined-integrated (C-I) doctoral program is to produce leading professional psychologists who are broadly trained in the science and practice of psychology, actively self-reflective, optimally prepared to work in a wide variety of settings with diverse clientele and demonstrably committed to an ethic of personal responsibility, social awareness and global engagement.

Combined-Integrated training is an innovative concept that merges the traditional professional areas of clinical, counseling and school psychology into a generalist approach that provides students with a broad foundation from which to operate. A generalist orientation opens up pathways to draw from each of the three practice areas in a manner that is complementary and synergistic. The rationale for C-I training stems from the fact that there is a) tremendous overlap in the basic training of the three specialty areas of clinical, counseling and school psychology; b) there is a need to define the core competencies of professional psychologists; and c) there are emerging trends for greater unity within the field.

In regards to training objectives, we work to graduate C-I psychologists to serve as general practitioners, primary care providers and health service psychologists who can:

  • Understand and integrate contributions and perspectives from three major areas of applied activity in our larger field (i.e., clinical, counseling and school psychology);
  • Develop conceptualizations of human behavior that integrate biological, psychological and social dimensions of analysis;
  • Integrate various theoretical perspectives into a coherent whole; and
  • Work effectively in an interprofessional context.

A limited number of full-time students are admitted each year. All students receive a full-time teaching or graduate assistantship that includes tuition.

The C-I program exhibits strong commitment to diversity through:

  • A required course specific to multicultural issues
  • Multicultural/gender issues covered in course work throughout the curriculum
  • Practical experiences with clients from a variety of cultures and backgrounds
  • Faculty with interests in international issues

Degree Offered

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical and School Psychology (Psy.D.)

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