• default image Paint Some Happy Little Trees with Bob Ross!

    This Saturday, March 23rd, from 9 to 11pm, UPB is hosting a Bob Ross painting session in Festival Lower Drum! If you’re a fan of his work or just his encouraging, playful attitude, you need to be there! Even if you don’t

  • Rumble Down Under 2019 Rumble Down Under: The Fight for Madipalooza

    Madipalooza, one of the biggest yearly events at JMU, provides a space where everyone, no matter age or background, can come together and unite over their love of music. For such a high-profile event, how could anyone po

  • FSL Hazing FSL Gets Real About Hazing

    Evelyn Piazza and Debbie Debrick are two members of the Anti-Hazing Coalition, a group that aims to promote anti-hazing legislation across the country. Evelyn, who lost her son Tim to hazing in 2017, turns her grief into

  • Style and Tradition 2nd Annual Style & Tradition T-Shirt Design Contest!

    Show off your creative skills for Madison Union, and score some cash in the process! Using three colors or less, submit your digital or hand-drawn t-shirt idea to be considered for Madison Union’s second annual Style &

  • Duke Dog and President Alger JMU's biggest fan

    Ever wonder who Duke Dog really is?

  • default image Crazy Commons

    Have you ever wished there was a fun, convenient way to find out about activities on campus, while also winning prizes and even tickets for these events? Well on the spookiest day of the year, October 31, you can come to

  • default image UPB Presents Spotlight Sounds

    UPB’s just brought us their fall concert, but this week they’re bringing even more great performances to campus! Get ready for another showcase of amazing musical acts, headlined by Little River Creek Police, a folk-rock

  • default image UPB Gears Up for the Fall Concert with We the Kings

    It’s that time of year! UPB has announced the fall concert for 2018, and they are bringing in We the Kings to perform. For those who aren't familiar, UPB hosts a fall concert every year to bring a big musical act to

  • default image Off Campus Life Reminds You: Take Your Time Before You Sign

    Freshmen are always excited to bond with the wonderful people they meet in their first few weeks here at JMU, and many times these people will become their lifelong friends. However, freshman year is a time  of change, a

  • default image Getting Involved at JMU with Student Org Night

    New Dukes have a chance to dive right into JMU life with this fall’s Student Org Night! On August 31 from 5-7pm on Hillside Field, many of our 300+ clubs and some of their most involved members will set up tables and

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