Do you ride the bus, carpool, bike, or walk to work? Would you use alternative transportation more if you knew you would have a guaranteed ride home at no cost in case of an emergency? Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a service provided by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission offered to those who use alternative transportation methods for commuting two or more days per week. In the event of a qualified, unexpected emergencies, GRH will provide five free rides home each year to those who are signed up for the service.

Who is Eligible?

Those who are eligible for GRH include:

  • Those employed full-time or permanent part-time; and
  • Those who are registered with RideShare and use one of the following methods of commuting at least twice per week:
  • carpool or vanpool
  • public transportation
  • walking or biking
When can GRH be used?
  • A sudden illness, injury, or crisis arises for you or in your immediate family
  • You are asked to work unscheduled overtime that will result in missing your ride home
  • Your carpool or vanpool driver must leave early
  • There is an emergency situation at your residence

Weather is not considered an emergency in which GRH can be used, unless your carpool/vanpool leaves early and you are required to work. Therefore, if you walk or ride your bike to work, weather is not an eligible emergency for the GRH program.

How does GRH work?

Guaranteed Ride Home members will receive five (5) free trips home per calendar year. Stops can be made relating to your emergency, but GRH is not for personal errands and non-emergencies. Usage will be monitored, and the misuse of GRH for non-emergency transportation will result in members being billed for the service and will be grounds for being dropped from the program.

After registering for GRH, you will receive a Member ID card, survey form, and voucher. All of these items should be kept at your JMU workspace. In the event of an emergency, notify your immediate supervisor and have them validate the emergency. Depending on your circumstances, contact a taxi service or rental car provider, informing them that you are a RideShare Guaranteed Ride Home member and need transportation home.

Once your transportation has arrived, present your Member ID card, picture ID, and voucher to the transportation provider. The survey form will need to be filled out and returned within 10 days of your ride home. Another voucher will be provided to you after your survey form has been received.

Who are the service providers?

Any taxi or transportation provider may be used by GRH members, but those mentioned below will directly bill RideShare for services provided. If a different provider is used and required you to pay for your ride, RideShare will reimburse you after receiving a completed invoice signed by the transportation provider. The criteria for taxi versus rental car transportation is provided below, along with those providers who will bill RideShare directly.

Taxi Service

Taxi service will be used if travel is less than 20 miles, you do not hold a valid Virginia driver's license, or no rental car agency is open. Any service can be used, but the service listed below will bill RideShare directly.

Yellow Cab Taxi Service (434) 295-4131

Rental Car

Rental cars can be used if you need to travel more than 20 miles and hold a valid Virginia driver's license. RideShare will pay for only a compact car and the car must be returned within 24 hours. RideShare will cover the cost of the rental, but not the cost of the gas – taxis are recommended.

Enterprise Car Rental has agreed to bill RideShare directly. Any rental car agency may be used, but you will need to pay for the car when you pick it up and will be reimbursed following receipt of a completed invoice.

Enterprise Car Rental - 3115 South Main St. (540) 433-7455

Enterprise Car Rental - 734 East Market St. (540) 432-8690

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