How do I register my bike?


Starting immediately JMU will be using a new bicycle registration system called “Project 529”. 

“Project 529” is a free bicycle registration, reporting and recovery service. Cyclists can upload detailed information about their bicycles such as serial numbers and photographs that make it more difficult for thieves to successfully sell stolen goods online. If a 529 user has a bike go missing, the user can alert the local cycling community, their social networks and law enforcement agencies via a smartphone app, which also facilitates tips from that network.

The Project 529 system is free to all users. You can register your bike using the web or by downloading the Project 529 or your mobile device. The registration system is easy to use – it asks for limited personal information, and information about your bicycle, including its serial number and a photo of it, so that you can be contacted in the event that you report your bike missing or stolen – or even better, you can flag your bike on the Project 529 site and it will start the investigation.

Here is the URL:

You will receive your Project 529 Shield in the mail after you register your bike, so please include your mailing address in your registration. Or you can pick your Shield up from Parking Services at 280 Champions Drive (540-568-3300).


Project 529

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