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  • JMU London Contemporary Dance and Performance Summer Intensive

    London, England
    The JMU London Contemporary Dance & Performance Summer Intensive is a summer program for intermediate to advanced students in dance or movement performance study. The Intensive focuses on rigorous training in contemporary dance techniques as well as opportunities to view cutting edge performance work in London. The Intensive will expose the student to the rich performance scene of this truly... Read More
  • Environmental Advocacy

    Cornwall Area, London, England
    Virtual Information Session:Date: October 2ndTime: 10:20 am Log on to Zoom meeting Here!  Cornwall is a county on England’s rugged southwestern tip. It forms a peninsula encompassing cliffs and crashing waves, fishing villages and prehistoric structures, wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches, culminating at the promontory Land’s End. It’s hard... Read More
  • JMU North of England Programme (NOEP)

    Chester, Carlisle, Durham, York, and Manchester, England
    The North of England Programme immerses students in the rich culture of this distinctive region within the UK, especially in History, Literature and Politics. It covers the entire period from the ancient world to 1997 with fairly even coverage of Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern periods. The many sites and museums we visit in the five cities in which we stay both reflect and augment... Read More
  • Linguistics UK

    York, England
    Linguistics UK is an immersive study of language in the diverse linguistic environment of York, England. Each student will take a Linguistics course (CSD 490) team taught by Dr. DePaolis and a local linguist affiliated with the University of York’s Department of Language and Linguistics. Guest lectures will be given on topics ranging from conversational analysis (the study of how... Read More
  • Ireland: Media, Culture and Society

    Dublin, Derry, Galway, Ireland
    Experience Ireland and its culture for six weeks while earning a combined 6 hours of SMAD and/or SOCI credits. Selected students will visit major landmarks and cities and come to appreciate Ireland’s rich culture and society by analyzing its films, media, and community dynamics. During their stay, students will collaborate on a community and media based project with the Galway division of... Read More

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