For background on the Madison Identity System, please refer to JMU Policy 1502. Any further questions can be directed to the office of University Communications and Marketing at (540) 568–3712.

Mobile application policy

  • All JMU mobile application concepts should be vetted through University Communications and Marketing in order to determine audience, strategy, and branding.
  • University Communications and Marketing should be involved in the decision as to what account the application will reside under, i.e. the official JMU account, subsidiary account, or an account not affiliated with JMU.  This will be decided based on audience, strategy, and branding.
  • After initial conversations with University Communications and Marketing but before development starts, a PIQ should be submitted to IT for approval.
  • If the application is to be listed under any JMU official account, its branding must comply with JMU's identity standards.
  • If the application is not to be listed under any JMU official account, its branding must not associate itself strongly with JMU.  University Communications and Marketing will work with the application developer to determine the appropriate level of branding.

Reasoning behind the policy

  • Constituents must have a trusting relationship with JMU apps if they are to install them on their personal devices.  This trust can be created by hosting JMU's apps from official accounts, maintaining consistent branding, and developing a quality user experience
  • The JMU app framework has special features like forced update, and emergency banner messaging which is required for JMU apps.
  • JMU employees are already trained in Cascade, so no special training is needed.
  • Analytics come built-in.

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